Prices: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation: Advance reservations are recommended as appointments are subject to availability. When you book a massage with us, we reserve time just for you and nobody else. If you cancel with short notice or miss your appointment entirely, your therapist is left without income for that period. Calling a friend to take your appointment instead of cancelling is an excellent alternative and highly recommended.
      – For In-Clinic Massages: Appointments cancelled within 3 hours of the appointment time or missed entirely require full payment.
      – For Mobile Massages: A 50% deposit by credit card is required when making mobile booking to secure appointment. The deposit is not refundable within 12 hours of the appointment time. Appointments cancelled within 3 hours of the appointment time or missed entirely will have the balance deducted from credit card used for deposit.
Corporate and Event Massage: Job specific conditions apply.

Check in: For first visit please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment time to allow for assessment. All other appointments please arrive 5 minutes before all other appointments. Late arrivals may be subject to reduced treatment time.

Tranquility Policies: Please switch off your mobile phone to fully enjoy your treatment. Do not feel obliged to make polite conversation with your therapist once your treatment has started, close your eyes, relax and breath to achieve optimum results from your treatment.

Health Conditions: Please advise us of any special health conditions on scheduling your appointment as this may effect your selected treatment(s). Should you experience high/low blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies or any health conditions, we advise you to consult your doctor before your treatment.

Pregnancy: We advise not to have a massage within the first trimester. After three months, a pregnancy massage can be scheduled. Please note that aromatherapy oils are not advised throughout pregnancy.

Professional Service Policy: Massage Noosa provides only professional, health and wellbeing-focused massage. Nothing outside this scope is provided. Please address your massage therapist the way you would any health care professional.

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