Health Fund Rebates


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Health Fund Rebates are available on the following basis:

  • Health Fund Rebates are available for Remedial Massages ONLY – which includes sports massage, cupping therapy, pregnancy massage and hot stone massage, provided in-clinic ONLY.
  • ALL Massage Noosa Therapists are fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapists who can provide health fund rebates (in-clinic massages only), with on the spot claims available via HICAPS. All our Therapists hold Approved Health Fund Provider Status and number, issued to them by specific Health Funds.
    NOTE: Health funds do not pay on mobile massages.
  • Your particular private cover provides for you to claim for Remedial Massage. You should check your cover to see if you are covered for Remedial Massage and if so for what number of Remedial Massages each year.

Massage Noosa has adopted the policies and code of conduct of Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd. (ATMS)

The following is from the ATMS website, which may assist you to understand Health Fund Rebates a bit more.


A full list of health funds which rebate on specific modalities is placed on the ATMS website. Updated information on health funds changes is also published in both the Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society as well as on the ATMS website. For health funds to rebate on the services of Accredited members, it is important that a proper invoice be issued to patients. The information which must be included on an invoice is also listed on the ATMS website. It is ATMS policy that only Accredited members issue their own invoice. An Accredited member must never allow another practitioner, student or staff member to use their provider details, as this constitutes health fund fraud. Misrepresenting the service(s) provided on the invoice also constitutes health fund fraud. Health fund fraud is a criminal offence which may involve a police investigation and expulsion from the ATMS Register of Members.

Customer Reviews:

After my massage & cupping I was able to play golf the next day pain free..... thank you so much x
Best remedial massage I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot! Thank you Jahna!
I have had lower back pain for months going to the Dr having scans etc. Nothing helped. You think you are sitting correctly at your desk but with a reminder from Massage Noosa I made some adjustments. I had a massage and then a second one a week later. My back has improved so much I can move around free of pain.... Thank you, I really was at the end of my tether being in constant pain. Life can get back to normal . I really cant thank you enough and will be highly recommending Massage Noosa to family and friends. Nikki
Jahna is the best massage therapist I have had ever I can in with a calf and a back stiffness. She gave a really great massage and all of the stiffness eand right muscles has cleared up quickly.
Polite, friendly service. Done with care and understanding. Produced noticmeable results after three sessions.
had a fantastic experience,will be back next time I am in noosa
ALL GOOD - thanks .. Barbara
I was pleasantly surprise with the massage and would highly recommend Christina. She was very professional and capable. The pressure point massage released sorness and gave me relief.
Jahna is excellent! Knowledgeable, skilled and lovely. I would highly recommend the hot stone remedial massage with her.
I came in with a knot on my LHS shoulder that was really painful. I walked out of there feeling amazing and my knot the next day was no where to be seen. So Thank you, I will be back. 🙂 Donna
Great results by understanding the cause and providing a solution. Simply the BEST
By far the best, most effective massage I have ever received! Shoulder and neck pain I'd had for years was gone, I couldn't believe it. Can't wait to book in again soon!
Great Massage, look forward to my next one.
Carolyn was AMAZING! Knowledgeable, skilful, lovely pleasant manner. Best massage I have had in ages.
As a crossfitter I find having a massage or cupping every second week has made a huge difference to my training. Jahna has kept me injury free by doing this and I cannot recommend Massage Noosa enough. These women know their stuff.
Thanks Carolyn felt great for days after my massage
With extra sore shoulders from using crutches felt so much better after concentrated neck and shoulder massage. Will be back. Patty Neale
Christina was an expert massage therapist, I would highly recommend her.

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