Massage Noosa has been operating in Noosa for the past 10 years.

Based on practical assessment Remedial Massage addresses specific complaints such as muscle imbalance, postural misalignment, and chronic pain. Positive outcomes to Remedial Massage can be significant. Corrective methods applied early on can help stabilise the complaint, leading to long-term benefits.

The team at Massage Noosa Remedial Massage Clinic are here to work with you in achieving Optimal Movement and Health!

Remedial Massage Therapy involves a full assessment of the complaint and problematic area along with recommended Treatment Plan. We find a 3-4 visit course of massage therapy (within a month), followed by regular treatments achieves the greatest benefits and assists you best in achieving optimal movement.

We work on the preface that pain and restricted movement with pain is the bodies last effort to communicate damage. Most presenting complaints develop over time. Single appointments often do not prove sufficient in addressing longstanding dysfunction.

Remedial Massage can help you

  • Realign your body and posture for ‘improved movement’
  • Improve the range of motion in your joints and muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Take time out and relax
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Aid recovery and/or prevention of injuries
  • Improve preparedness and/or performance in sport
  • Experience an increased sense of well-being

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